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0 Comments Straight Talking Apr 21, 2016
Julie White PDI Column

The year already appears to be flying by and I am very much looking forward to BAUMA this April.

It will be a great opportunity to shine a light on the industry and celebrate (not too much!) some of our great achievements with the Diamond Awards.

I think everyone knows by now that I love to talk to people in the industry and this role has made sure that I have to do that even more!

It’s great to find out what’s going right with people’s businesses around the world, to find out the success stories but also to find out some of the issues that are facing you.

Some of those issues are the same the world over, while some are unique to certain locations.

And as we all head to BAUMA to look at the latest equipment and machinery on offer (innovation is vital as our industry continues to grow) I thought it was worth bearing in mind a comment made to me quite recently.

Of course, without the technology and equipment we would be unable to carry out the work we undertake on a day-to-day basis but we must also bear in mind that it’s not the tools that matter to our clients but the end results.

It got me thinking and when you look at my company’s website and any other business’s website rarely does a testimonial from a client focus on what tools you used to do the job, it’s usually the manner in which you did the job and the fact you got it done.

We recently undertook a drilling job at a port in the UK and the client was delighted with the work. I don’t say this to fly the flag for D-Drill but to re-iterate the point that the reason we were praised was for the fact that we went to extra lengths to ensure that the area surrounding the job was kept clean.

As a live, working port, they couldn’t afford to have any slurry or dust and it was the fact that we made sure we avoided that which the client highlighted when they gave us a testimonial.

It made me look back on some of the other praise the team has had when out undertaking different jobs and, again, it’s never the actual job or the equipment we use that is mentioned, it’s other factors.

The client wants to know what jobs you can do rather than the machinery you will use to do it. A client never gets in touch to say they need to hire you and a certain machine, they tell you their need and then you provide the solution.

They then expect the job to be done but that is the bear minimum. It’s the service you provide and the way you deal with people that wins you praise and, ultimately, repeat work.

The ‘other factors’ I mention above are things such as keeping the noise down in an aquarium to avoid disturbing sharks when the team was drilling or removing 40 tonnes of concrete from a shopping centre and not impacting on nearby shoppers, diners or cinema goers!

As I said above, this isn’t just about my company – I am sure you can all look back and see the same sorts of comments from clients when they have been willing to testify for your work.

So I think it is certainly worth bearing this in mind in the way you market and sell your business. Tell your customers what you can do and how you will put their needs first – because they are worth it!

The technical side of what you do is crucial – but that’s the bit that’s important to you.

It would be good to meet as many people as possible out at BAUMA and I’d love to discuss this and any issues you have further – maybe over a drink (or two!).

Pop along for a beer at our drinks reception on Friday, April 15 at 5.30pm at the Fachverband Betonbohren und -Sägen Deutchland e.V. stand in Hall 1, stand 138.

Also, I am always available on email at if you want to drop me a line with any issues or comments.

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