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Concrete Sawing

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There are several methods of concrete sawing, and D-Drill’s team of professional concrete eaters will choose the best one to suit your job’s requirements.

We have 50 years of experience in:


We are experts in cutting concrete to various depths, and our hand-held saws are well-suited for working in confined spaces. 

Our methods give a uniform width and depth of cut through reinforced concrete and asphalt. D-Drill has floor saws with all power sources and blades sizes to suit your project.  These can be used for openings, expansion joints, road & motorway cutting, concrete openings, traffic director channels, removing/altering concrete slabs, pavements, drainage ducts.

Our concrete sawing capability guarantees the minimum of noise and mess on site.  We’ve even used our concrete cutting machines in a hospital corridor without disturbing patients and staff. 

If you need some concrete sawing in a challenging environment, or you’re project managing a construction job that needs D-Drill's concrete cutting expertise, give the CONCRETE-EATERS a call on 0800 33 74 55.


Recent projects

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