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noisegate 0 Comments Personnel Jul 06, 2010
Brokk Robot Aids D-Drill Digging in Luton

G A Contractors Ltd appointed D-Drill, known for its 40 years of service in providing diamond drilling and sawing, for a dangerous digging job. The works involved digging a trench 200mtr x 450mm wide x 600mm deep; 200mm of which was reinforced concrete and the rest was chalk soil. This was to enable additional cables to go into the trench, therefore safety was top of the agenda and the upmost care was taken due to the live cables, gas pipes and other utility cables in the trench.

A Diesel floor saw was used for the concrete cutting which was necessary to form the neat edges required in the trench. The main contractors then tried to breakout with a five tonne mini digger but were unsuccessful in their attempt. D-Drill returned with a Brokk 180 remote controlled demolition robot to effectively breakout the other structures that were running through the trench and then dug the trench to the required levels.

Chris Eaton, D-Drill Coventry Branch Manager, said “We completed the job on time and within budget, and because of our pragmatic and progressive approach we have been offered further work with G A Contractors Ltd.”