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0 Comments Personnel Oct 13, 2009
D-Drill Bites into Concrete Biscuit at Chocolate Factory

On the fourth floor of a chocolate factory in Chester, D-Drill got to work cutting out concrete sections for contractors Barry Callebaut Manufacturing UK Ltd.

The job consisted of four 1850mm diameter x 275mm deep heavily reinforced concrete ‘biscuit’ shaped sections, each weighing slightly more than the average chocolate treat at 1.65 tonne each.

Callebaut appointed the diamond drilling and sawing specialist because of the difficult access and control issues that are faced when dealing with food production line areas. D-Drill North West Area Manager, Neil Wood comments, “The team dismissed breaking out by mechanical means because of the obvious dust and debris that would result from this method. With access via a staircase plus demanding lifting capacities, a small goods hoist was also not advised. Our solution was to erect a suitable crash deck below the works area which was then tented and bunded off to contain any water ingress below. All our equipment was hoisted to the works floor 40 metres from the ground and reassembled in place. Openings into the concrete were created by ’stitch cutting’ using a Zhorro Plunge saw then lowered down to ground level for removal.”

Typical of D-Drill’s ability to tackle challenging jobs, the Chester chocolate factory was able to continue online due to tight control of each step from set up to slurry removal via an IBC tank.

Known for its 40 years of service in providing diamond drilling and sawing and robotic demolition, D-Drill is matching its continuous investment in equipment and training with a portfolio of short and long term jobs that have demanded such creative solutions.