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0 Comments Industry News Jun 21, 2011
Deep Cuts Welcomed

Deep cuts maybe a phrase linked to Government spending, but for a drilling and sawing expert in Coventry it takes on a whole new meaning.

Skilled operatives from D-Drill have been called in to a cardboard processing plant in Monmouth to cut out a series of channels to allow rolls of cardboard to be processed.

D-Drill have been contracted by building company Thackway and Cadwallader to undertake the work, which will see 13 bases cut out over a series of three-day visits for each.

The company will use a specialist floor saw with a one metre diameter blade to cut down to depths of 600mm.

“It is very rare for us to have to use this machine, it maybe happens a few times a year,” said Chris Eaton, of D-Drill which has offices across the UK.

“These are very deep channels that we are going to be cutting and you have to be a highly trained diamond driller to operate this machine and also need a great deal of experience.

“We will be undertaking this work well into June because a total of 13 bases need to be cut out and we are delighted that our experience and expertise have helped us to secure this contract.”