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noisegate 0 Comments Industry News May 06, 2016
The future of Diamond Drilling, Julie White talks to the Sunday Times

Our MD, Julie White, has been talking to the Sunday Times this week about D-Drill’s commitment to creating new, skilled jobs within the Diamond Drilling sector.  Anyone who has met Julie will know just how important apprenticeships are to the company, the sector and to individual trainees.

Take Nic Tomlin, for example.  Nic used to work in the coal mining industry.  He’s seen the best and the worst of the industry and not long ago he saw the back of it after spending most of his life as a miner.  He was one of the trainees who started their apprenticeship with D-Drill in April.  Nic is a perfect example of the benefits of opening up apprenticeship opportunities to experienced workers who are ready to retrain.  Whilst undertaking a class room based health and safety module Nic said,

I’m happy that D-Drill are investing in my future through an apprenticeship to give me a new start in life and I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my life as a diamond driller with D-Drill.

Julie, is convinced that this investment in futures like Nic’s is essential to ensure that the skills lost from the construction industry during the recession are replenished to fulfill the demand of future infrastructure projects: 

Having done exactly what the Government asked and invested in apprentices and new equipment it’s so frustrating that all the attention is focused on the EU referendum.  Businesses like ours want to see shovels in the ground on HS2, as well as new road and aviation projects which are vital for UK Plc.  We’ve geared up for a positive year, invested and everything feels flat. We can’t wait until June for everything to get moving, that’s half the year wasted.

Look out for Julie in the Sunday Times this weekend!  If you feel the same about the industry and think the EU debate is distracting government and leaders from urgent infrastructure decisions Julie would love to hear from you - start a conversation with Julie via Twitter - @julieddrill