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0 Comments D-Drill News Jan 19, 2010
IACDS Invites “The Very Best of Diamond Technology” at Bauma

I have been a member of the American CDSA for some 27 years, which gave me the idea of starting the British Drilling & Sawing Association the following year and I am also a founder member of the ISCDS-IVBS, the World Association.

The benefits that I personally and my Company in general have obtained from the Association are tremendous. I can draw upon the experience of members worldwide when it comes to information on complicated jobs, Health & Safety, training, safety manuals, marketing and access to web sites, insurance issues, industrial research, specifications and best practices and even accounting information, for good or bad of a drilling and contracting company. But the biggest benefit, I found, was that the problems that went on in my own company do happen world wide and you are not alone. Then talking to other member companies about these problems helped me and my company find the solutions.

With all my years of working and joining in the associations, my view is that it should be of a benefit and interest of all drilling, demolition or any other type of company to join their trade association, whether large or small the benefits are numerous. Small companies would benefit from what the larger companies have implemented and help networking and hopefully help harmony in the trade. When I visit all the annual conference through out the world, I always find very useful ideas being passed around the conference table I then come back to England with two or three new ideas which we can then proceed to put into practice in my own trade association and my company. So in all I can highly recommend any company in the cutting profession, demolition or any other trade to join there trade association. One more fantastic benefit I have gained is that I have personally made some very good friends from the associations worldwide and holidayed with them throughout Europe and World.

At Bauma 2010 Fair ground, Hall B 1, Conference room B11 in Munich on Friday, 23rd April 2010, starting at 10.00 to 14.00 the IACDSIVBS (World Association of drilling and sawing) is holding a seminar on ‘The Very Best of Diamond Technology’ the subjects that will be covered are:-

  • 10.00 on ‘dry coring and dry wire sawing in reinforced concrete by Martin Godickemeier of Hilti
  • 10.30 ‘cutting methods using a minimum of water with efficient recovery of dust and slurry’ by Thierry Gillet of Husqvarna
  • 11.00 ‘remote controlled underwater wire sawing’ by Franz Zeindler of Tyrolit
  • 11.30 ‘hydraulic versus high-frequency motor driven concrete cutting equipment – the pros and cons’ by Johan Hartvik of Tractive AB
  • 12.00 ‘hydraulic versus high-frequency motor driven concrete cutting equipment – environmental considerations’ by Johan Hartvik of Tractive AB
  • 12.30 ‘nuclear power plants – large decommissioning projects by Franz Zeindler of Tyrolit
  • 13.00 ‘post installed rebar – efficient methods of strengthening concrete structures by Jakob Kunz of Hilti
  • 13.30 ‘floor grinding and demolition markets – new opportunities for growth by Thomas Nilsson of Husqvarna Construction Products AB.

For these seminars register on line at Following on from Bauma on Monday 26th April the IACDS will be holding their world conference at the Ramada Hotel, Salzburg, all association members from around the world are welcome to attend – SEE YOU THERE!

Peter White, President, IACDS

(as published in PDi issue 5-2009)