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0 Comments In the Media Mar 18, 2013
Julie’s view on apprentices gets national attention

Throughout Apprenticeship Week, D-Drill managing director Julie White has been banging the drum for apprentices. 

Julie has written a blog for the hugely popular online news outlet The Huffington Post and also appeared on the BBC’s Daily Politics and has bestowed the virtues of apprentices on both. 

Julie said: “To me, taking on apprentices should not be seen as a luxury that businesses can pull the plug on when times are tough. 

“We have a responsibility to invest in our own company’s future and, indeed, the future of our industry because we can all have the best policies, procedures and practices, without people none of that matters. 

“The mistake has been made in the past where not enough new blood was brought into the industry and I only hope that we have learned from that and continue to invest in apprentices to safeguard the future of construction.”

 Julie’s appearance on the BBC Daily Politics’ soapbox can be viewed here 

Julie’s blog for the Huffington Post can be viewed here 

The BBC Daily Politics’ appearances are also available here and here