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Julie reports back from an inspirational IACDS Convention

I have to say I returned from the IACDS Convention in Tokyo more enthused and more excited about our industry than I have been in a very long time.

Firstly, it is a beautiful country and everyone was so friendly and welcoming to all of the different people from the associations from all around the world.

And the convention was genuinely inspirational and really did bring home to me how important it is that we network and work together with one another right across the globe.

We can learn so much from each other at events like this and there is nothing like meeting face-to-face and talking to fellow professionals about how they solved problems and came up with solutions to certain issues.

There were presentations on two amazing and very technical cases studies. One was on the Ruskin Dam seismic retro fit project in Canada and the other was an underground Tokyo station. Along with these fascinating case studies, there were many other useful topics on the agenda for our industry, such as employing young people and dismantling technologies in nuclear power plants.

We had an incredible visit to Daiichi-Cutter – the largest concrete cutting company in the world – and they gave us an insight into their new slurry removal machinery that can remove thousands of litres of material at any given time.

There was also a great seminar on customer service and how clients don’t necessarily take too much interest in the technical side of what we do but they are interested in the way we serve them and get the job done.

This provided a lightbulb moment for one of the delegates sitting next to me!

In one of the meetings, we had 18 different nationalities represented, which was incredible and that diversity of people, cultures and different ways of working just brings a real freshness to the convention.

Overall, there were seven national associations represented including CSDA (USA), DSA (UK), BFB (Sweden), JCSDA (Japan), ​AEDED (Spain), SNED (France), FBS (Germany) and there were over 100 delegates in attendance.

Overall we had eight speakers on a range of topics and we’d like to thank Joel Vinsant, Erin O’Brien, Cota Fujio, Brian Wnuck, Jun Ozawa, Martin Braun, Michael Findeis and Reiner Schulze for their fantastic contributions to the event.

Of course, we must also thank the sponsor, Tyrolit, without whom we couldn’t stage such a wonderful convention and our five exhibitors Shibuya, Pentruder, Hakken, Hilti and Cretebeater.

You may not know that the IACDS has a figure of honorary member and, up until this convention, only one person had received this honour and that was Otto Alte-Teigeler, the IACDS founding president.

I was thrilled to have the honour of investing a new IACDS member this year to Mr. Norikazu Shibuya to recognise his great support with the association and also to acknowledge the great contribution he has made to the organisation and the industry through the years.

He is an absolute inspiration to everyone in our industry and I was very proud to be the person who got to recognise him in this way.

So now, as we look ahead to the next convention in Bauma, Munich (April 8-14, 2019), I would really urge you to attend.

As I have described above, it’s such a fabulous networking and learning experience that everyone who attends really benefits from being there and it is so relevant to all of us in our industry.

Not only that, we are also looking towards the Diamond Awards on April 11, 2019 – during Bauma - for all contractors to enter and for the first time will be recognising our excellent and innovative supply chain – with an award for ‘best product’.

For more information on those go to or contact your country association.

And, as I always say, please feel free to get in touch with me on any matters that you want the Association to look at.