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noisegate 0 Comments Industry News Oct 08, 2009
Morgan Est Appoints D-Drill for Live Substation Cable Removal

Safety was top of the agenda for D-Drill when they worked within a live substation in Liverpool recently. Morgan Est appointed the diamond drilling and sawing specialist to remove a high voltage reinforced concrete cable gantry using wire line sawing at height.

The major substation in Kirkby remained online during the 2 day project while the concrete sections were cut and removed from a height of 10 metres.

North West Area Manager, Neil Wood comments, “Due to the weight and location of the gantry it was not possible to use high reach crunching excavators as this would have posed a risk to adjacent transformers and local electrical apparatus. D-Drill was appointed because of its ability to provide a highly controlled wire sawing operation, at height, with fully trained BESC operatives. The positioning also meant that all equipment and the concrete waste had to be transported through live sections of the works.”

D-Drill, known for its 40 years of service in providing diamond drilling and sawing and robotic demolition, used a Hydrostress Wiresaw to complete the complex task with MEWPS (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms).