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0 Comments D-Drill News Feb 02, 2009
Peter White elected new President of IACDS

Mr Peter White has been elected new President of IACDS (International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers). And here follows his first editorial column in PDi Magazine:

“This is my greatest honour to be elected as president of the IACDS at the annual conference in Dublin, Ireland, June 2009. I would like to thank Pat O’Brien from the USA for his presidency over the last 4 years and his guidance and hard work he put into the association. He will be a hard act to follow. I have been a great supporter of the international association since its first conception and have been to all the meetings. Over the years I have made some great friends from around the world and have picked up some great ideas on Drilling and Sawing on the working methods and safety. I have also passed these ideas onto the British Association. I have been in the Drilling and Sawing industry for over 44 years and this step was taken after I completed my apprenticeship as an electrician. I stumbled across diamond drilling and taught myself how to plan jobs and to safely use diamond drilling equipment. I opened my own company in 1967, which grew to be recognised as the UK market leader and operating 10 profit centres with nationwide coverage. This meant we could deliver a quick and cost effective service to the industry. I am very proud that my daughter Julie White has taken over the company D-Drill, and is carrying the company on into the future, in very difficult times.

27 years ago I went to the USA to the CDSA and received information on how to start a British association. I actually started up the UK drilling and sawing association the DSA to bring all companies together and help set training and standard for the industry. This association is still going strong with 120 members still to this day. I have been on and off the board throughout the years and I am currently the chairman. I also spent 3 years on the board of the American Association the CSDA, so I feel very proud to have been on the boards of the UK, USA and now the IACDS president.

I would like to say that the IACDS meeting in Dublin went very well and I would like to thank Diamond Innovations for the tour of their diamond manufacturing plant and for their sponsorship, also all the other sponsors.As we all know in this very difficult economic climate sponsorship is very difficult to come by.

From talking at the many associations the industry is going through a very difficult time worldwide. All companies involved in contracting and manufacturing have experienced a fall in turnover to the tune of as much as 40% to 75%. The press are now starting to give some positive news on the recession worldwide but it will take some time to filter through the most hit industries such as the construction industry. All contractors worldwide must support the manufacturers who sponsor their trade associations and the world association.

I would like to say that all the entries into the diamond awards 2009 were all of an excellent standard and to congratulate the 4 winners for the great jobs they did and using huge innovation and technology to carry them out. The presentation for the awards was held at the World of Concrete in Las Vegas in February 2009. In my 44 years in the industry, the industry has come a long way and I am amazed at such vast, complicated jobs that we can achieve. We have come along way from the old days when we were not recognised as a trade and now we are recognised as a specialist trade in the construction industry and having a very highly skilled labour force with immense safety awareness.

I look forward to putting my thoughts, feelings and knowledge onto paper every few months for the bi monthly issue of Professional Demolition International (PDi) and hope I can help and pass my experience and knowledge past and present to everyone out there.

P.S. Everyone that went to the IACDS meeting in Dublin enjoyed the trip to the Guinness factory and after their tour drank their free pint of Guinness, one or two had more than one pint. Even the ladies seem to have enjoyed the Guinness.

Best regards, Peter White

(as published in PDi issue 2-2009)