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0 Comments Personnel Oct 22, 2009
Quiet Cutting in Gateshead Hospital

Even the small jobs need the expert handling of the specialised D-Drill team. This time the North East branch, run by manager John Emberson, was called into Q.E. Hospital Gateshead to cut an opening in a new doorway within a live corridor. Using a hand-ring saw, power pack and pneumatic wet vac, the single door opening was cut within 5 hours without any disruption to the passing hospital staff, patients and public.

John Emberson comments, “Working in a live hospital environment brings several challenges, mostly the need for minimum noise and a ‘clean’ job. Contractors Fryer and Sons Construction contracted us for this job because, from their past experience of dealing with the team, they knew it would get done without fuss and at a very reasonable price.”

Of course, the important Health and Safety boxes were ticked with all personnel in protective clothing, the hoarding was erected close to the corridor side to protect the public and the power pack was placed away from the job. Small details that set a company like D-Drill head and shoulders above competitors.

If you would like more information about this job or need a specialist drilling and sawing solution in a challenging environment please do not hesitate tocontact your local branch.