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0 Comments Industry News Apr 30, 2010
Southern Water Appoints D-Drill for Specialist Support

D-Drill’s pragmatic and progressive approach was vital to the installation of two beams to support the concrete roof of a 40 feet deep water tank. The work involved forming four blind openings in order to install two 1.2m x 950mm reinforced concrete beams to support the roof of a new flood alleviation tank. Due to the special requirements of the job all works were carried out with a purpose designed cantilever scaffold supported from above the tank.

The locality and positioning of the openings meant that the highest health and safety standards were of paramount importance in terms of the sequence of the works which included careful handling of the resulting cut sections.

John Barber, D-Drill London and South Branch Manager, said “The job was technically challenging in order to achieve an accurate perpendicular and square opening in a 40 foot circular tank, but my team rose to the challenge and completed the job in just five days. No other removal method could match our performance which is why Southern Water contracted us for a further two jobs; Portswood water treatment works in Southampton and water treatment works at Budds Farm in Havant.”

D-Drill, known for its 40 years of service in providing diamond drilling and sawing used a combination of diamond stitch drilling and Dimas Hydraulic 1m depth capability diamond plunge chain saw methods on the 40 feet vertical and 40 feet horizontal plane to form the openings.

(as published in PDi magazine Volume 10 • No. 3 June – August 2010)