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0 Comments Awards Jun 28, 2010

Also the second of altogether eight national championships of the TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition was a success. This time the event took place within a convention of the British Drilling and Sawing Association on May 27, 2010 in Daventry. For the first time in the history of the TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition a woman took part and demonstrated her abilities.

Proud winner of the British championship is Mark Daniels (24 / 7 Diamond Drilling), who reached altogether 80 of 90 possible points. Chris Byrne (J. Hare) came second and impressed through his record time in hand sawing: 24,07 seconds. Nick Dewsbury (East Midlands Diamond Drilling) came third. Daniels and Byrne qualified for the European Championship to be held in Austria in January 2011.

Comparing the present international results – Italy / Great Britain – the Italian Luigi Zamperini (Effelle SRL) is the fastest in wall sawing (01:40,27) and the Briton Chris Byrne (J. Hare) is the fastest in hand sawing. And the suspense continues!

Also full of suspense was the atmosphere when the first woman participating in the TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition, Julie White, Managing Director of the D-Drill Diamond Drilling and Sawing Company, entered the stage. White does not have to fear the competition of the male combatants. Her performance in wall sawing (02:37,86), core drilling (02:51,25) and hand sawing (00:43,75) is not  sufficient to participate in the European final, however, the results were good.

As at the last TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition in 2008, TV personality Keith “Cheggers” Chegwin compered the event, including the award presentations.

Further dates in the TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition 2010

21 June

9 September

24 – 25 September

8 – 9 October

23 October

The Netherlands
Week 44

Every national competition will last – including the award ceremony – about half a day and creates an attractive event for professional users, customers and visitors. Up to 26 athletes will participate in every national championship. The selection will be done by means of qualifying tournaments.

The website provides further information on competition dates, registration processes, regulations, results etc. in the respective national language.

Standard rules and regulations

The TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition uses a standardised set of regulations that allows for fair competitions and internationally comparable results. In addition, machines, tools, concrete and all other competition materials are defined and conditioned to guarantee that every athlete can compete on the same terms.

Exercises and products

Athletes compete against each other in three exercises: wall sawing, core drilling and hand sawing. The time is taken for every exercise, the participant with the fastest total time wins. On the stage, every exercise is performed by two athletes in parallel. The result is an exciting competition that is intuitively understandable and attractive for spectators.

Wall sawing: The goal of this exercise is to saw a slice off a reinforced concrete block as quickly as possible. The cut has to be performed in at least two passes. An optimal performance will depend on one hand on the ideal cutting depth of the first and second pass. On the other hand, the feeling of the athlete for machine, tool and concrete will be decisive.

The wall sawing system consists of the TYROLIT wall saw head WZ and the hydraulic power pack PPH25RR***. This aggregate directs the power of 25 kW by means of a radio remote control system onto the TYROLIT diamond wall saw blade WSL*** (diameter 825 mm).

Core drilling: In this exercise the athletes have to drill a hole in a concrete block. With the start signal, the drill rig has to be mounted and motor plus core drill have to be fixed before the drilling can begin. The installation of the drilling system requires skill and experience. A fast drilling time will depend on applying the right pressure on the core drill.

For this exercise, a state-of-the-art TYROLIT system consisting of the drill rig DRA250*** and the drill motor DME32MW*** (electric) will be used. The core bit CDL*** has a diameter of 102 mm.

Hand sawing: A disc has to be cut off from a concrete tube. Speed and know-how of the athlete in dealing with the one-handed angle grinder are essential for this task.

The set-up consists of a petrol-driven, one-handed angle grinder (5 kW) that powers the TYROLIT diamond saw blade DCU*** (diameter 350 mm). The cutting is done in wet conditions with the water directed into the cut via the machine.


In order to take part in the TYROLIT Cutting Pro Competition, the athletes must have proficiency and experience in the command of the machines and tools. In addition, the regulations specify the mandatory protective equipment for every exercise. On the stage, the movements of the competitors are limited to safety areas that are clearly marked.

(as published in PDi magazine Volume 10 • No. 3 June – August 2010)