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Balsall Common Station Reburbishment
Drilling experts from a Coventry-based company were called in to help with the refurbishment of Balsall Common Railway Station.

D-Drill (Master Drillers) Ltd was asked to undertake a drilling operation to help the Murphy Group, the main contractors carrying out the work, fit a new hand rail at the station. The handrail posts needed to be diamond drilled 32mm diameter by 1500mm deep, vertically down through brickwork which is a substantial depths.

Julie White, MD of D-Drill explained: “It sounds like a fairly routine job but the substantial depths to be achieved made this an interesting project. The D-Drill operative deployed to commence the project had considerable experience and knowledge to complete this project in a safe and speedy manner, above and beyond the customers’ expectations.

“We have vast experience in diamond drilling and D-Drill is well known in the industry for our ability to carry out more complicated tasks and come up with innovative solutions and being able to complete them on time and on budget.”

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