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Good flow of work!
The work continues to flow for D-Drill’s London and South Branch.

The branch has completed a major project at the Deephams Waste Water Treatment Works, in North London, through McGee Group and Murphy Group. 

After being involved at the planning stage 12 months before the project began, D-Drill’s team of experts were called in to carefully detach a series of large sections of the works’ substructure in order to remove reinforced concrete encased pipes using diamond wire sawing techniques.

The work was part of an overall programme of work that could not slip and, therefore, D-Drill had to ensure its element was completed on time and on budget.

Jimmy Smith, the London and South Branch manager – who arranged for specialist Thames Water Safety Passport training for his team prior to the work, said: “Not only did we complete the work within our two-week timeframe, we actually managed to deliver it with some savings on cost.

“It was a great team effort and we are delighted at how satisfied the clients were on this project.”

He added: “Once we had detached the concrete sections, they were crushed and recycled for use elsewhere on the site and, thus, it was good for the environment too.” 

Following the job and the satisfaction with D-Drill’s work, the firm has been recommended by McGee Group to an associate company for further work. 

Owen McGee, of McGee Group, said: “The contract went very smoothly and we were very grateful for the collaboration with D-Drill.”

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