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D-Drill tackles the tide to prevent future flooding
D-Drill successfully drilled holes in a harbour wall in Dundee to insert outfall pipes in order to meet Environmental Agency flood alleviation requirements.

Working with the tide complicated the job slightly because the team were working below high tide level. It took ten days to drill the holes for each pipe and they will prevent future flooding.

D-Drill needed to diamond stitch drill one hole 800mm x 3000mm deep, and another 300mm x 3000mm deep through a concrete faced stone harbour wall. In order to achieve the hole that was 800mm x 3000mm deep, the team had to stitch drill 51 holes 107mm x 3000mm deep, this technique uses a series of overlapping core holes which gives the ability to cut an unlimited size hole. The equipment used included a Husquavana Giro Rig and Hydrostress HCCB drilling motor.

Chris Eaton, D-Drill Coventry Branch Manager, said, “Diamond drilling was the best possible option to complete this job because it prevented the need to break down the wall, insert the pipes and then rebuild the wall. The team worked well with the tide to complete the works on time and on budget.”