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A diamond job from D-Drill at power station
A team of experts from D-Drill’s South Wales office have helped to remove a 4.4 tonne concrete block during major works at Pembroke Power Station.


D-Drill was called in by main contractors Woodenbale 2000 Ltd who were awarded the contract to open an existing sealed chamber at the cooling water pump house on the Pembroke Power Station. 

With no access points, a block of concrete – 1650mm in diameter – was to be removed to create the opening. 

The sealed chamber was covered by pre-cast concrete lids with stitch anchors and lifting eyes resined in place to stabilise the concrete during the drilling stages.

Tests were carried out to ensure the anchors and eyes would be able to withstand the full weight of the concrete section being removed and once, they ‘passed’, it was hooked up to an overhead gantry crane to support it. 

“The work to remove the section took five days. Once all of the 100mm diameter holes had been drilled, it was lifted away by the crane.”