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Pembroke Dock in West Wales
D-Drill South Wales was called in by Trant Engineering Ltd to reduce the height of four sections of culverts.

Trant was working on behalf of Valero Oil Refinery at Pembroke Dock in West Wales.

We were asked to do a site visit at the Refinery to see if it was possible to reduce the height. We recommended drilling two 150mm diameter holes at high level for lifting, then cutting with the use of a Hilti wall saw and then drilling a further two 150mm diameter holes for lifting after the section had been removed.

On the week the job started Trant had a 100kva generator and scaffolding put in place for us to create the two lifting holes at height on each section of culvert, which was 16 holes in total. The scaffolding was then removed ready for the Hilti wall saw to be set up.

Trant also had a Crane on stand by to support the section of concrete which was being cut. After the cutting took place the section was removed and the process was repeated a further seven times.

When all sections were removed, this  took the main lifting support out of the culvert and we needed to drill a further 16no 150mm dia holes for lifting.

We used 2 weka rigs, Hilti wall saw and TE60 for bolting on. Full PPE was used including flame retarded overalls.  

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