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Anchor Installations and Proof Loading

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Working with the major mobile telephone and communication companies we have successfully carried out 100s of tower upgrades across the UK from Penzance to Scotland and everywhere in between. D-Drill offers a complete package with specialist trained operatives who can typically carry out an installation in a two day process as follows:


Day One:

Set out the configuration of anchors using a purpose made template (supplied by client) ensuring 100% accuracy in (A) exact positioning & (B) verticality.

A typical installation would normally comprise of drilling  holes to a depth of up to 1000mm into an existing reinforced concrete base, installing grade 8.8 steel anchors with the appropriate resin as specified by teh mast designers.

Day Two:

Return to site and perform a load test to each anchor to the designers required specification.  

All load testing equipment is the latest available on the market, and is calibrated and certified, a certificate of conformity is issued by D-Drill to the client for their records.
Planning a project and need Anchor Installations and Proof Loading services?  Talk to the experts at D-Drill. We can advise you on the best methods for your requirements, so give us a call on 0800 33 74 55 today.


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