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Brokk, Robotic & Controlled Demolition

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D-Drill are expert controlled demolition contractors, with extensive experience in Brokk robotic demolition. As site clearance is often an integrated part of construction projects, we provide a comprehensive controlled demolition service using remote control Brokk machinery. This method is an efficient, safe and fast way of removing concrete from large and small scale operations, leaving a clear and structurally safe environment for the next stage of the project. 

Using Brokk robotic demolition equipment offers a range of benefits:
  1.  Minimises danger from falling rubble and debris.
  2.  Avoids Hand Arm Vibration.
  3.  Allows access to areas not possible with traditional methods.
  4.  Impressive power to weight ratio allows accessibility in confined spaces - even up staircases
  5.  Demolition force equivalent to a 15 tonne tracked excavator.
  6.  Exceptional punching and breakout forces
  7.  Ability to demolish precise areas within a fraction of the time of traditional methods.
  8.  Powered by electricity, so can be used in environments where fossil fuel emissions and engine noise are not acceptable.
  9.  Capable of going into hostile environments such as kilns or radioactive areas
  10.  Suitable for internal strip out and refurbishment projects e.g. shop and office fittings

D-Drill has an extensive fleet of Brokk demolition machinery in all size ranges allowing us to tackle every type of demolition. From the delicate and precise demolition required for sensitive environments, to the largest demolition requirements where whole buildings need demolishing from the inside out without disturbing nearby structures.

If you’re planning a demolition project, find out how much time and money you could save by using remote control demolition. Call us on 0800 33 74 55 today. 

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