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Concrete Sawing for expansion joints, apertures and utility installations


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Concrete sawing is the general term for a range of approaches available to diamond cutting experts to manage, manipulate and carve concrete to the specification required by the site team.  Whether that’s to create expansion joints, apertures for stairways, lift shafts or doors or providing the space needed for new utility installations. There are several methods of concrete sawing, and D-Drill’s team of professional concrete eaters will choose the best one to suit your job’s requirements.

Here at D-Drill we have more than 50 years’ of expertise, innovation and problem solving to draw on which means we can help you find exactly the right match for your requirements.  If you are not sure which solution is right for you, just give us a call, tell us what you need to achieve and let us figure out the best fit for your job.  

Flat sawing or slab sawing involve a single diamond blade usually mounted on a machine requiring one operator to walk behind it and is appropriate for cutting or carving concrete floors both internally and externally including  bridge decks, pavements and concrete road surfaces.

D-Drill use flat sawing for cutting expansion and control joints, cutting and removing damaged surfaces, creating new spaces for the installation of lifts, stairways or utilities.

Why work with D-Drill?

We are experts in cutting concrete to various depths, and our hand-held saws are well-suited for working in confined spaces. 

Our methods give a uniform width and depth of cut through reinforced concrete and asphalt. D-Drill has floor saws with all power sources and blades sizes to suit your project.  These can be used for openings, expansion joints, road & motorway cutting, concrete openings, traffic director channels, removing/altering concrete slabs, pavements, drainage ducts.

Our concrete sawing capability guarantees the minimum of noise and mess on site.  We’ve even used our concrete cutting machines in a hospital corridor without disturbing patients and staff. 

If you need some concrete sawing in a challenging environment, or you’re project managing a construction job that needs D-Drill's concrete cutting expertise, give the CONCRETE-EATERS a call on 0800 33 74 55.

What our clients say about working with us:

"D-Drill Engineers have always been exceptional on site, they manage safety well and always find solutions to complete the works if there are any issues in the way.  The office staff have always been helpful, prompt in responding to our requests and their price is very competitive."

"Being on time, good reporting and communication and delivering what we ask for/giving good advice and alternative solutions if we are asking for something unrealistic or un-achievable"

"Straight forward communication. Compliance with main contractor H&S policy particularly PPE. Smart appearance of operatives and visibly well maintained equipment"


Examples of the kind of projects we are asked to find solutions for


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