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Concrete Bursting and Crunching

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D-Drill offer both concrete crunching and concrete bursting services.

Concrete bursting is a process used for the controlled demolition and removal of large sections of concrete. Hydraulic bursting machinery is inserted into strategically placed holes, and the pressure exerted causes the concrete to break up. This method is quiet and relatively dust-free and can be used for demolishing and removing large concrete slabs. 

Hydraulic concrete crunching differs slightly in that there is no need to pre-drill holes, it doesn’t cause vibration and doesn’t use water. These benefits mean it’s often used in confined spaces where noise, dust and disruption needs to be kept to a minimum.

Concrete bursting and concrete crunching are both efficient methods for breaking concrete, especially the controlled demolition of pillars, concrete and walls where heavy equipment is impractical. Bursting and crunching is particularly suitable for sites that are in continual use such as hospitals, factories, offices and hotels.

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