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D-Kerb is a revolutionary kerb cutting machine designed by D-Drill. It enables angle kerb cutting from 90 degrees to 45 degrees in situ, offering enormous financial and environmental benefits.

The 45 degree kerb cutting machine was invented by D-Drill MD Julie White and her father Peter. D-Kerb was developed as a faster and cheaper alternative to ripping up existing kerbstones, which would then need replacing with new materials. A lengthy and costly process!

Kerb cutting with D-Kerb has huge advantages over the traditional method: 

  1.  Minimum disruption as pavements and roads don’t need to be closed off
  2.  No digging or removing of old materials
  3.  Low waste and low cost as no new materials needed to be quarried or imported
  4.  Ideal for creating cycle paths within busy towns and cities

To find out more about D-Kerb call us on 0800 33 74 55, or take a look at our dedicated commercial kerb cutting website

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