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Wall Sawing / Track Sawing

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To cut an opening into a concrete wall to create a window or doorway, the preferred method is track sawing (also known as cut and core, cut and carve, wall track sawing or wall sawing).

Using track mounted wall saws, clean slots of up to 900mm deep can be achieved. D-Drill always invest in the latest concrete cutting technology, and our high-frequency electronic equipment is capable of sawing concrete walls vertically, horizontally or even in an inverted way.

Track sawing can cut through concrete to create openings for doorways, windows, stairwells and lifts.

Other similar methods include Wire Sawing, Chain and Ring Sawing and Plunge Sawing

We will advise on the best method for cutting, drilling or sawing through the concrete on your project. Call the CONCRETE-EATERS on 0800 33 74 55 and talk to us about your requirements.


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