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Imperial College London

Diamond Drilling and Bursting at Imperial College

D-Drill was called out to Imperial College London to form a trench 8mt long x 1.3mt wide x 1mt deep through a redundant crane base using Diamond drilling and bursting techniques.

The old crane base was adjacent to the college library and when the client tried to form the trench using a conventional method, using an excavator with a hammer attachment, the vibration and noise was unacceptable to the college.

Using our automatic feed diamond drilling rigs D Drill operatives stitch drilled the permitter of the trench to a depth of 1metre. We then diamond drilled 200mm diameter holes to accommodate our 200mm hydraulic bursting head at 2 holes per 750mm spacing along the length of the trench. We then burst the concrete out with the spoils removed by a 3 ton machine supplied by the site.

The work was completed within time and budget without any noise/vibration to interrupt the college library or students normal day.  

Our client had no complaints from the college and was pleased with the way the work was conducted. The operators were very careful with the stitch drilling and kept the trench straight and plumb. 

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