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Concrete Slurry

How do you manage your concrete slurry?

Hiring a machine for the removal of concrete slurry from a site, for the duration of your project, provides a process for safely and effectively eliminating the residual mixture of water, cement, and aggregate (slurry) generated during various concrete-related activities, such as cutting, sawing and drilling.

This removal is essential to prevent environmental contamination and maintain regulatory compliance. At D-Drill we can provide you with the hire of specialist equipment to enable the capture and containment of the slurry in an environmentally responsible manner, ensuring that it does not enter stormwater drains or harm natural ecosystems.

The solidified waste material can be broken up and removed using hand tools or heavy machinery like a skid-steer loader. You will be required to adhere to proper disposal methods, in compliance with your local environmental regulations.

Why hire a machine to manage your concrete slurry:

  • Efficient clean-up – minimise the risk of slurry entering stormwater drains or contaminating nearby ecosystems
  • Prevention of water pollution: using dedicated machinery helps prevent the release of pollutants into water bodies, protecting aquatic life
  • Compliance with regulations: proper slurry management, facilitated by the use of machines, helps construction sites adhere to environmental regulations and avoid potential fines or penalties for non-compliance
  • Reduced soil contamination: slurry runoff can infiltrate the soil, affecting its pH and contaminating it with heavy metals
  • Minimised dust and air pollution: control dust emissions, contributing to better air quality in and around the construction site
  • Recycling opportunities: in some cases, the collected slurry can be processed and recycled, reducing waste and conserving resources
  • Time and resource efficiency: machine-assisted slurry removal is often faster and requires fewer resources compared to manual methods
  • Preservation of natural habitats: help protect nearby natural habitats and ecosystems from potential harm caused by slurry runoff
  • Cleaner construction site: contribute to an improved aesthetics in the surrounding area, reducing the visual impact of the project on the environment
  • Sustainability considerations: demonstrating responsible slurry management aligns with sustainability goals and showcases a commitment to environmentally friendly construction practices

Have a job in mind that would benefit from clean and efficient concrete slurry management?

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"I would just like to say that your operative that came to the University of Leeds yesterday to commence with the 4nr core holes was a pleasure to have. He was very professional/ persistent and completed the works in hand. Thanks again."

University of Leeds - Site Supervisor

"2 of your employees, Paul Green and Graham Crowley, completed the drilling project on the Pendine Long Test Track with us today. I’d like to let you know that they carried out their work professionally, effectively and safely. They have done an excellent job within the timeline of the contract and they were a pleasure to have on site."

MOD - Pendine Long Test Track

"Thank you for sorting the holes out for me, your guy was an absolute pleasure."

John Holcroft - Owner of San Giovanni restaurant

"D-Drill carried out the works here in a very safe and controlled manner for the whole time, the workmanship and care they took for the task of cutting down existing culverts and drilling out core holes was brilliant. The client commented several times on this also."

Trant Engineering Limited - Site Manager

"The lads that attended site for us at Kings Lynn were fantastic, both us at TEi and Centrica were impressed with their professionalism, and just how quickly they removed all four of the plinths"

TEI Ltd - Supervisor



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