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Steamer Quay in Totnes

Flood defence improvement's at Steamer Quay in Totnes

Bam Nuttall contacted D-Drill South Wales branch to undertake the removal of the old river defence wall at the edge of the River Dart in the Historic Borough of Totnes in Devon.

We were asked to cut the 30m long wall into 2.5m x 1.2m x 300/700mm thick  sections for removal  in a controlled method. We used the stitch drilling method to minimise the amount of water we needed, due to working near the river.

We used Weka DK32 drills to stitch drill a series of holes in the wall which was 1.2m high and 300 to 700mm thick and then drilled 2no 100mm diameter holes for the lifting of the 12 sections which was then removed by the site excavator.

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