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A4119 Talbot Green

Removal of a joint between two bridge sections

Two members of the D-Drill team called on all their experience to ensure the safe removal of a concrete join in a bridge in South Wales.

Alun Burnell and Gary Robinson, from the company’s Bridgend office, have more than 50 years’ experience in the diamond drilling and concrete sawing industry.

They were called upon to remove a 24 metre long section of reinforced concrete that was 450mm thick in places from a bridge on the A4119 dual carriageway in Talbot Green.

Not only were they operating above the River Ely they were also close to a very busy traffic island that remained open throughout the whole procedure.

“To us, it felt fairly routine, but that’s probably because I’ve been in this industry for a very long time and Gary has done more than 25 years too,” said Alun.

“We were called in by Walters to remove the concrete section but we had lots of elements to bear in mind, not just cutting the concrete. We’d got the river below, the traffic roundabout open and we need to be quick and clean.”

The method devised was to cut the concrete into two-metre long sections.

“To achieve this we first stitch drilled with two DK32 Weka diamond drilling rigs at the ends of the proposed cuts so that overcutting into the remaining bridge deck was avoided,” said Alun.

“After the drilling was completed, a Hilti wall/tracksaw was utilised as the middle section at the joint was free, we cut along the perimeter. Each cut was two metres long and a lifting system was then used to remove the blocks as they became free.”

The job was completed before the required time and resulted in a very satisfied customer.

Alun said: “Walters were delighted with the job. We completed it safely, cleanly and they got the exact end result they were looking for.”

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