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Paradise Circus, Birmingham

D-Drill support multi million pound regeneration in Birmingham city centre

D-Drill have gone up against a 20ft sheer drop as part of a major development in Birmingham.

Our experts were called in to Paradise Circus, in Birmingham to remove a reinforced concrete, oval-shaped staircase and part of a reinforced concrete shear wall as part of a multi-million pound regeneration project in the city centre.

The company was required to assist with the removal of a reinforced concrete staircase and wall 300mm to 520mm deep as part of development works taking place in the area.

D-Drill contracts controller Andrew Bowen and his team utilised a Hilti TS20 tracksaw and then deployed a Brokk 180 remote-controlled track machine with hammer attachment to break up the concrete staircase before the client was enabled to use a long-reach cruncher to complete the work.

Andrew said: “We were restricted due to the work being very close to a 20ft drop, with the staircase cut line being an oval shape to cut, so we needed to use a remote controlled Brokk 180 in order for the operative to stand in a place of safety away from work area.

“The top part of the staircase, near the edge of the drop, was the most technical part as we had to cut out a metre of concrete, then have it hammered out to allow the munching machine to get in and remove it. All of the removal was taken care of by the main demolition company who had called us in because of expertise with this kind of work.

“All of the machinery used were 3 phase, 415v 32amp and 63amp electric powered equipment. It was a slow process as we were only able to cut one metre at a time and break it back, so the whole job took around four weeks to complete including other tracksaw cutting works.

“It was quite awkward going up and down the stairs and having to break parts out a piece at a time. And, rather than cut straight, we had to cut diagonally up and then down because it was an oval staircase.

“We were also required to put noise blankets around the machinery due to us being in such an exposed area and in close proximity to nearby offices.

“The staircase and wall were removed to create a straight edge to build on, and both ourselves and the client were very pleased with the final result.

“It is great to have worked on such a prestigious and high-profile project and we are delighted that our expertise in the use of the Brokk 180 were called upon.”

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