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Apprenticeships, training and careers

A message from D-Drills' Managing Director, Julie White

"While we use the latest technology – sourced from around the world – it’s our people and their skills that make us successful. That doesn’t happen by chance – we invest heavily in training and particularly in apprentices. Nobody has to convince me of the value of apprenticeships. Even in difficult economic circumstances, I have made a commitment to continue to invest in our apprenticeship scheme – I have even undertaken the programme myself.  Apprenticeships are a great way to not only train young people to have the necessary skills required to work for D-Drill, they also help to create a well-rounded person who is willing to take responsibility and make decisions. From D-Drill’s perspective, it also means we are creating a supply-line of people with hands-on experience of the job who can later go into management roles."

Here at D-Drill we train our workforce, we look after them and we show them that there is a career progression here for them if they want it. Many of our managers have come up through the ranks having started as apprentices within the business.  

The 5% Club Charter

As a company operating in the UK, we are committed to this country's growth agenda. Against this backdrop we are aware of the chronic skill's shortage and youth unemployment that the UK faces and acknowledge the importance of developing our people as both a business and social imperative. We aim to play a role in transforming the fortunes of young, talented people in the UK and to ensure that the UK retains its reputation for innovation.

As a member of The 5% Club we endeavour to play our part as is fitting for our business. However as members of The 5% Club, we are:

  • Committed to helping the country's growth agenda and acknowledge the importance of developing our people as both a business and social imperative
  • Playing our part in addressing youth unemployment and skills shortage
  • Pledging to work toward having a minimum 5% of our UK workforce enrolled on formalised apprentice, sponsored student and/or graduate development schemes within five years
  • Measuring and reporting on our progress annually against the above metric in our Corporate Social Responsibility section of our Annual Report and Accounts or equivalent document
  • Committed to encouraging other businesses to participate in the campaign


We believe that by joining The 5% Club we will play a role in Britain's long term prosperity, benefitting both cosiety and Britain's place in the world. We are committed to achieving progress.

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