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Procurement Information


D-Drill Procurement Information

When you are specifying requirements and contractors on a project we know you need to collate a range of information to include in the final proposal.  We have pulled together all the relevant information on the D-Drill Builder's Profile page (click this link or the Builder's Profile icon) so you can download everything you need to know about our company, our approach to health, safety, training and sustainability in one place.  We take our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to heart, it's built in to the foundations of the business and set in concrete.  So when you work with D-Drill you can be sure that you are meeting your responsibilities too.  

We are passionate about maintaining and developing skills within the sector and our local (to each branch), skilled workforce are all CSCS accredited and NVQ qualified with 45% having completed our very own apprenticeship programme.  We promote our people too which means many of our managers know the job through and through having started as drillers and sawers themselves.  Conversely our MD has also completed the apprenticeship herself so she knows what she is asking the workforce to do on the job everyday. 


Download our policies, accreditations and commitments below:

D-Drill are members of:

International Association of Concrete Drillers & Sawers  (IACDS)

Drilling and Sawing Association (DSA)

Concrete Drilling & Sawing Association (CDSA)


When you are as successful as D-Drill - they visit upwards of 400 different sites in a single month - the PQQ burden can easily become overwhelming.   Needing to prove compliance obligations becomes a massive administrative burden.

Julie White, the Midlands Business Woman of the Year, discovered The Builder's Profile when it was first launched. She immediately realised that the simplicity of a common database would solve her problem and also change the outdated practices of the Industry.

Since then, she has tirelessly promoted the Builder's Profile Common Database concept - and has reduced the number of PQQs D-Drill complete by 80%.  She is without doubt one of the most forward thinking leaders of the UK Construction Industry.

Frank Becker - CEO, Builder's Profile