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Sustainability and Environmental Policy

Sustainability and Environmental Policy

The D-Drill Group is committed to promoting sustainability and minimising our impact on the environment. We promote good sustainability practice in all our activities in order to reduce our effect on the environment and to actively engage our suppliers and customers to do the same. It is our intention that the business operates in such a manner as to achieve the following:

  • To comply with and where possible exceed all applicable legislation and regulations.
  • To ensure that all our staff are fully aware of our Environmental Policy and are committed to its implementation and where possible its improvement.
  • To respect all of our clients Environmental and Sustainability policies and where there is an absence encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.
  • Integrate considerations of Sustainability into our Business decisions where and whenever possible.


D-Drill work with the Supply Chain Sustainability School to identify what sustainability issues are a priority for our company and branch network. We have access to high quality resources through the program and have attended their events around the country, helping us to explore cost saving opportunities and network with major suppliers. D-Drill are moving in the right direction with our sustainability goals and achieving these will give us a competitive edge, better quality work force and a better service for our clients.


Certificates & policy downloads: